What is this page?

I wanted to make a page where it is a little different from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Just more of a fact page about the organization with statistics. This page will feature records, facts, and just anything directly pertaining to ICW in every way.

Page Viewing

The website was designed with native 100% viewing in your browser, however, some of the text might be small for some. Just CTRL+ to zoom in to 110%. For intense reading purposes the site is easier to read at 110% viewing. If your eyes are really good, then the default native 100% is just fine. Please note that this website is best viewed on a desktop/laptop or large screen device.

Power Rankings

The Power Rankings page is quite important. It is a direct reflection of your standing in ICW. In general, the title holders will be in the top spots, but it is possible based on non-title match wins and other means that a wrestler could actually outrank a title holder. This is also referenced in the FAQ page.

Here you can see your current ranking for that week, your wins/losses/draws, your ranking the previous week and any short comments. The rankings page is very important as the higher you are ranked, the higher the chance you have to become #1 contender for a Championship title. Someone ranked #8 isn't going to get a shot at the Shooting Star/World titles for example. At this time, it isn't point based, but I might change that.


We have 4 Championships. Each one has a different meaning, and these are very important. Holding a title isn't easy and if you are able to claim one, it means a great deal.

ICW World Championship - This is the main championship in ICW. Holding this title indicates you are the best and the top wrestler. The ICW Champion is the truest Icon of them all. It is impossible to be not ranked lower than #2 while holding this belt. It would have to be a special circumstance to be ranked lower than #1 while being ICW World Champion.

ICW Shooting Star Championship - The Shooting Star is just as it sounds. You are the "shooting star" of ICW, borderline main event wrestler and very close to being near the top. It is the 2nd highest title in ICW and is the "on the rise" championship in ICW.

ICW Ironman Championship - This title is very unique. It MUST BE DEFENDED every show. It is the 3rd highest title in ICW, but might be the toughest to keep? That is up for debate I guess. Winning it might not be as difficult as the ICW title, or the Shooting Star, but keeping this bad boy will not be easy. As the Ironman Champion, you are required to defend this belt EVERY SHOW. It is a badge of honor championship so to speak, the workhorse championship. Whoever has this belt should not be taken lightly.

ICW Tag Team Championship - Top belt for the top tag team. Holding this title indicates you are the best tag team in ICW.

Women's Championship - Do not have this title at the moment, if I get 4-6 women wrestlers I'd be happy to create one. For now we will not have one.


We will have 1 show per week. Monday Night Spectacle is the flagship show. The results will be posted Monday Night around 10pm CST. We will have 1 Pay-Per-View every 5 weeks. PPVs will be themed and will have special graphics and hype behind them.

Results for PPVs will be posted Monday evening around 10pm CST. I'll try to make them special. Every title will always be defended at PPVs no matter what. Unless a special circumstance arises.


Deadlines are strictly enforced and they are there for a reason. Monday Night Spectacle's deadline is SATURDAY NIGHT at 11pm CST. This gives me all day Sunday and most of Monday to get it all together. PPV deadline is going to Saturday at 11pm CST. This gives me the same time frame. Our PPVs are held on Mondays as well.


Cards are another name for shows. You have low card (opening couple matches), the midcard, where your middle level guys fight, and then you have main event people, which is considered "high card" or "main event" status. Your placement on a card is reflective of your status in ICW. The later you fight, the bigger match. All matches in ICW are important though.

Match Types

ICW will have a variety of match types, but don't expect crazy matches every week. I also don't want just singles matches every week either. I'm a fan of gimmick matches and like to utilize them, but only when the time is right. These are the match types that are available in the ICW Universe. I don't foresee other matches being added, unless it's a great reason or for a deliberate angle. So get used to these boys.

Singles Match - This is a 1 on 1 type of matchup. It is the default match, and is reguarly used. Singles match can be won via pinfall, submission, countout (10 count) or by disqualification (DQ).

Triple Threat Match - Like a singles match in every way, BUT there's an extra opponent. Also any participant of the match can pin/submit anyone etc. In title matches, the title holder doesn't have to be pinned/submitted either.

Fatal Four Way - Just like a triple threat, has 1 extra participant.

Tag Team Match - It's a 2 vs 2 match where only 1 member can be in the ring. A 5 second window is allowed for tag ins and outs. If you're outside that 5 second window, it's a DQ. These matches are normally pinfall/submission... the normal.

Ladder Match - Simple. These are only for title matches or matches with a object of great importance hanging above 20 feet in the from the ring's mat. Climb the ladder and grab the object (usually a title or briefcase) and you win. Anything goes in these matches.

Hell in a Cell - Very special match that will only be used for major events and/or to end a great rivalry. Will not happen often.

I Quit Match - Kind of like a submission match, but the opponent must say "I Quit" verbally or be knocked out. It's a very definitive way to win a matchup. No rules.

Last Man Standing Match - The matchup only ends when the other opponent(s) can't get up after a 10 count. Typically this is a 1 versus 1 match. It can involve more than 2 wrestlers though through elimination method.

Cage Match - Very simple. There's no through the side door stuff here. It's pinfall/submission or climb out and both feet touch the outside. Door remains locked, and doesn't get unlocked.

Tables Match - First person/team to go through a table is eliminated/loses. Simple.

First Blood Match - This kind of match won't happen too often. First person to bleed loses. This is strictly a 1 versus 1 matchup.

Ironman Match - 1 hour, most falls wins. Pinfall, submission and countout/DQ all count. Like a singles match with a 1 hour time limit with falls no limit. The ultimate endurance test and the ultimate who's better type of thing. No excuses.

Falls Count Anywhere - Pinfall/Submission can be held anywhere inside the arena. It can get pretty crazy. This is a personalized type of match

No Holds Barred - Pretty much a anything goes match. Pinfall/Submission MUST be made in the ring though. Other than that... anything is legal. Things can get very crazy fast.

Hardcore Match - A combination of No Holds Barred and Falls Count anywhere.

Process of Elimination Match - Either a triple threat or a fatal four to start. The difference is there's an elimination method, until there's 2 competitors left. Then the eventual winner comes from that.

Elimination Chamber Match - This match takes 6 contestants. Order of release from chamber is random during match. 4 chambers and 2 people start. Someone is released every 5 minutes. The match goes on until 1 person is left. Pinfall/Submission are the only ways to eliminate someone.

Royal Rumble Match - This will only consist of 12 opponents, as I don't think we'll ever have a roster so large where I can do 30 and other matches etc. Order is done by drawing beforehand, and someone enters every 2 minutes. Have to go over top rope, and both feet touch bottom on outside.