What is this page for?

This is your typical FAQ. This is to save you and me time. You don't have to ask, and I don't have to answer. Just very informative and will have easy to hard questions already answered. I hope this page helps!

Does ICW have a mission statement or overall purpose?

Yes we do. My goal is simple for this website. I want to get wrestling fans together that want to roleplay through creative writing and have a good time doing it. I don't want any drama at all, and will have little tolerance for it.

I want to get this place to a small friendly community where we all become "online" friends eventually and we can talk about other things in life on the boards. This is all meant to be a fun, immersive experience for everyone involved. Getting to know one another, and having a good time while coming up with stories for our characters and making this a fun hobby is the overall goal.

What is a E-Fed/efed?

Wrestling fans and just people in general are confused to what a efed actually is. I'll explain it in detail. E-Fed stands for "Electronic Federation". Basically it is your own wrestling organization online in a fictional world.

E-Feds were a craze and very very popular from 1998 through 2009ish or so. They've steadily fallen out of favor. I don't know why. I would think because of growing technology to do other things? I don't know.

To sum it up, a efed is a virtual place on the internet where you can create a wrestler and roleplay as him through creative writing. Telling stories, with or without pictures to enhance the story. You create your own character and you control everything he does through writing and creativity. When done properly it is very very very fun.

Where do I roleplay? How do I roleplay?

We have a forum, in which ALL members can roleplay. You just create a thread in the Spectacle (our Monday Night Show) part of the message board (AFTER YOU REGISTER). Title it as you see fit and make up a story. The regulations page above^ helps with this too.

Since all roleplays go to the ICW Forums, that is where we mostly communicate about ICW things and even real world things. Remember, roleplaying is fun, it is supposed to be fun and you can be whoever you want to be.

Why is this place called ICW?

It stands for Icon Championship Wrestling. I just liked the name, and ICW sounds neat with a ring to it. Shawn Michaels is my all time favorite wrestler. That is where I got Icon from. Plus it's just cool, having a place where people can be great, have fun and become "Icons".

We only have 1 show per week? When do I see results?

Monday Night Spectacle will have results posted every Monday Night around 10pm CST. That is when we "air" our show. It will be posted in the "results" link and dated in a organized and easy to find fashion. After results are posted Monday evening, I'll think about the new card and make the appropiate matches for the best storylines and show that I can. The Monday Night Spectacle card will go live sometime Tuesday, probably in the afternoon. Which gives everyone mid-Tuesday until Saturday at 11pm CST to get the maximum 2 roleplays in. Easy.

For now, one show is all I have time for. If things take off well, and people actually get involved and aren't flakes (people that join and then just stop trying), I'll consider doing a Friday Night show. For now, just Monday Night. The earliest I could do another show would be September/October. So the 1 show a week is safe for quite some time.

What are Pay Per Views?

Pay Per Views (PPVs) are major events. They are a step above Spectacle in every way. They will feature more matches, interesting match types occasionally and special graphics for each matchup. (You don't pay anything for anything on this site, this is ALL FREE, and FUN)

This is also where storylines and angles will come to a head normally. Major angles/storylines can go on longer, but typically the PPV is where things are settled for that time being. PPVs are themed by name and color of graphics typically.

What are special shows?

Special shows will be held 1 time per month like a PPV, but won't have many matches. They will have 2 matches to be precise. They will also have a 1 roleplay limit of 1,500 words.

This is just to supplement a storyline or to shake out the roster quicker in rankings and storylines etc. Plus it is fun to have a small show. They all will be nicely themed in their own little way.

Scheduled Dates, how do you decide those?

I actually took a good amount of time in coming up with these. ICW is a startup wrestling organization. So I didn't want to have events at football stadiums and all that. I wanted to keep it fun, and realistic. So we're playing a lot of 7-11k seating capcities to start. PPVs are held in larger places. You are welcome to look up the venues we'll be doing shows at. It increases the fun factor, and you can include stuff in your roleplays.

I wanted to keep travel down, and not go from MN to CA, to NY etc. So if you notice we have a fun little make believe travel path. As we grow I could go into larger places. Everyone is encouraged to use this fictional schedule to their advantage, as we do travel and don't have one spot we stay at like NXT does.

Who and how do you determine rankings?

I might use a point system for this, I don't know yet. Rankings will be common sense based on myself and someone else if I can get a partner to help me run ICW. If I decide to use a points system, it will either be based on wins/losses strictly or by the roleplay grades. I'm still unsure.

Typically the Champions will be in the top 3. It's possible but unlikely that a non title holding wrestler could be in the top 3 though. Rankings is a way to let you know where you stand compared to others. If you're last, don't worry keep trying. The higher the rank, the better you're doing and the more valuable you are to ICW.

How are matches decide? Who wins?

Myself and someone else (on occasion) will decide the winner of a match. The better roleplayer ALWAYS wins. It is weighted though. What that means is that if you RP 2 times (the limit) and your opponent doesn't even show up, then the match will be heavily slanted in your favor as it should be. You'll dominate the match and win cleanly.

Close matches can end in draws, or have a dirty finish depending on alignment (face, heel, etc) or angle. The match could just be a very close match with a clean win. The more dominate the performance in a match, the greater the gap in roleplay quality was for that week. If you lose, stick with it. This is supposed to be fun! I do believe in the better roleplayer always winning. This will never change. No matter what happens in the results, the winner of a match was the better roleplayer, I'll never let an angle/storyline dictate a winner/loser.

How can I get a title shot? Can I get a push?

On occasion, based on excitement and passion shown by a handler (you), I'll provide a push and put someone in a good matchup for a chance to step up. Titles shots are earned for the most part, but based on attitude and effort, you could recieve a favorable matchup or situation where you could succeed. NO ONE will be given anything though. You have to earn it in some regard. Not all pushes lead to a title. Just being active on the forums, having a good attitude and doing your best will lead to good things.

Winning a championship is great sure, but having a great feud with someone is almost just as good. Just work your way up the rankings. A person ranked #12 couldn't reasonably get a title shot at the Shooting Star Champion. Just doesn't make sense. If the Shooting Star Champion is ranked lets say #4, then someone in the #5-#8 range might be appropiate. The rankings have a direct influence on Championship matches. They do not have absolute control. If wrestlers ranked in the 3-6 range for example have all had shots or something, then it might be good to go lower in the rankings to give someone else a chance. This will all be done with diligence and fairness.

When are deadlines?

Deadlines are strictly enforced. Don't meet the deadline and your roleplays won't count for your matchup. Simple.

Monday Night Spectacle DEADLINE for roleplaying is Saturday at 11pm CST sharp. 1 minute late, and it doesn't count. You have from Tuesday to Saturday 11pm to get two 1,500 word limit roleplays in. It isn't that much at all. Should be easily met. Have fun with it. This isn't "work".

PPV deadlines will be on Friday at 4pm CST. Having the deadlines before Monday and Sunday (Monday for Spectacle and PPVs are always on Sunday) gives me time to write them out and get help writing them. Results is the backbone of a efed, and they take time. The members are the blood of a efed an the results are the backbone. Remember that please.

How many times can I roleplay?

To prevent burnout and people not having enough time to do it, I have a limit on roleplaying. Spectacle has a 2 RP limit. 1,500 word limit on each rp.

PPVs have a 3 RP limit with each rp having a 1,500 word limit. This could change in the future, but for now this is the rule. These are reasonable limits and remember you don't have to r/p (roleplay) to the max, but it is encouraged greatly.

Where is ICW based out of?

I don't live here, but it is based out of Minnesota. Stillwater, MN to be exact. That is where the headquarters are and where Shawn Rossdale, the owner lives. He's a hockey fanatic, and passionate about ICW. He runs a fairly tight ship but doesn't hover too much. He and General Manager Lucas Rieter don't get along the best, but are friends I guess you could say with a love/hate relationship.

I do plan to add to the ICW lore later down the road.

How do I get a match?

I will book you on a match according to angles/storylines and/or what seems appropiate for your character. You can always ask for a certain match, but if it doesn't make sense and isn't fair to others, I won't do it. Matches will be booked on the appropiate card picture (click it on the right side). I will do these the following day after a show's results are posted.

I never book matches just to book them. They always have some sort of meaning. You will never have a match in ICW for the heck of it with the results meaning nothing. Everything has a purpose, whether it is a large to small purpose is based on your status in the rankings and how you're doing in ICW.

I need time off, I'm going out of town.

Asking for time off is fine, but please keep in mind that this is a low maintainence E-Fed. 1 show per week, 2 rp limit. It's light in schedule and committment. If you really need complete time off, just contact me via E-MAIL. I'm easy to reach and check it often. I'll just write in something for your character to take you out. It isn't a problem.

Can my friends join? He's new to this.

Yes, I encourage anyone to join. No experience, lots of experience. It doesn't matter. We can all learn. I would prefer people to join with little to no experience so that can learn from the ground up. Of course, experience handlers are welcome. I do need some people to help me help them. If you think you or someone you know would like to join but are unsure, just check out the site, read things and check out the forums. I hope to grow this place.

How long does it take for my application to get reviewed and to hear back?

Assuming that you used a email that you check... should be 1-2 days no more than 3 days. Shouldn't take that long at all. I'll almost accept anyone to start, once I get a solid foundation of 15 on the roster, I'll start screening applicants. Getting in on the ground floor is easy though.

How do I get fired? Why was I fired?

This is supposed to be fun and involved. Getting fired is hard to do. You would have to have 2 consecutive NO SHOWS (not roleplaying back to back weeks) and then you're toast. I'll obviously contact you and check in. Again, the roleplaying limits in this E-Fed aren't harsh, they are mild. Showing up for your match shouldn't be a problem in any way. I believe in 2nd chances. If you screw up, I'll always give someone a 2nd chance, unless the offense is extreme.